Privacy Policy

At iRepair, customer privacy is our first priority.  Our team is trained from the moment they sign on that customer data is sacred while your device is in our care.  Every employee’s contract expressly includes strict rules on handling and protecting the integrity of customer data.  Our workspace is open plan so no technician has private access to customer devices. 

We use passcodes to test devices such as the screen touch function, wifi/bluetooth, cellular service, audio, cameras, and other parts.  In some cases precautionary customer backups are taken before risky repairs.  These are kept on a secure system and deleted once the repair is complete.

We serve many corporate customers and can provide more detailed information on data privacy on request. 

iPhone Passcode

Warranty Policy


iRepair uses a comprehensive testing process before and after every repair as well as diagnostic software after each repair to ensure that your device goes out working perfectly.  If your device has an issue after a repair please let us know and bring it back to us so we can serve you.

For repairs we guarantee the materials and workmanship for the same duration as the original manufacturer.  For most repairs this means the warranty would be one year, just like if the device was brand new. 

If you buy a new or refurbished device from us, we warranty them for 1 year.  This covers defect, not accidental damage, water exposure, or mistreatment.

For retail accessories like cables, headphones, cases, and other items we guarantee they’re high quality and built to last – if you have a problem with something purchased from us don’t trash it, bring it in so we can take care of you.